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Why Join BRConsulting?

As a graduate student at Cornell University, there are many benefits to joining BR Consulting:

  • On a yearly basis, BR Consulting works with a large number of clients in different industries to solve their business problems. This direct exposure to clients with real-world problems is an invaluable addition to the theoretical learning you acquire at Cornell.

  • BR Consulting has a selective application process. If you are asked to join the firm, you will be part of a group of elite individuals collaborating to solve business problems. The interaction among peers fosters learning from each other's experiences.

  • BR Consulting has been established since 2002 and our alumni are spread across industries and geographic regions. As a student seeking employment, joining BR Consulting gives you access to this alumni network.

  • BR Consulting gives back to the community by reserving a significant number of client opportunities for local and not-for-profit organizations. If you want to give back to the community, joining BR Consulting is a great way of doing so while having a significant impact.

Who is eligible to join BRConsulting?

Any graduate student at Cornell University is eligible to apply for a consultant role at BR Consulting.

How to become a BRConsulting consultant?

BR Consulting's recruiting process occurs at the beginning of the academic year (late August, early September). If you are not part of the Johnson School at Cornell University, please make sure you reach out to Student Activities or the Registrar at Johnson so they connect you with the right BR Consulting Director.

Our applications are made available in late August (dates to be determined every year). After receiving your application, BR Consulting may contact you for a behavioral and case interview. All accepted applicants go through the interview process. Notification of status typically occurs within 2 weeks of your application submission.​

How to apply for a BRConsulting Director position?

Directors serve for a term of one year. Towards the end of the academic year, the outgoing Directors open the application process for new Directors. The Director position is only available to consultants who worked with BR Consulting for that year.

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