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BR Consulting is a management consulting firm run by students at Johnson at Cornell University. Since 2002, BR Consulting has staffed teams of students on projects with diverse clients, with the dual mission of providing lasting impact for clients and strong learning opportunities for students. BR Consulting also ensures that a portion of its work benefits local or non-profit clients.
Local Presence

Tracing its roots back to the Cornell graduate students interested in helping the local community, BRC aims to have

50% of its projects support organizations in Tompkins County.


We are dedicated to being part of the Finger Lakes community.


Diverse Backgrounds

Our consultants hail from all over the world and bring unique experiences.

Our teams are organized to align personal interests with complementary strengths, pulling from the world’s leading business leaders and researchers.

Strong Results

Over one hundred satisfied clients, with established ongoing relationships with many of our clients.


Our alumni consists of  hundreds of successful consultant working for the world’s top firms 1 out of 5 customers are repeat each year


BRC Consultants are first-year Cornell graduate students seeking an opportunity to work with real companies. As many of the Consultants are MBA candidates at the Johnson School, they are developing their expertise in business strategy and management. To maximize value for our clients, Consultants are trained by Cornell faculty with 20+ years of work experience and are overseen by a board of second year students who are BRC alumni. As Cornell students, Consultants can leverage 50+ databases and resources, which gives our clients access to the latest data and research. While most students are in the MBA program, BRC also has students from Engineering, Hotel, International Labor Relations, and other graduate programs. Many BRC alumni are now professional consultants at the most prestigious consulting firms, including McKinsey, BCG, Bain, and Deloitte. 
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