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The New BR Consulting Blog!

There is always a lot going on when it comes to BR Consulting. Whether it's consultants churning out impressive work, the board launching a new initiative, or the whole group having a wonderful event, BRC is a vibrant firm of ambitious people, to say the least. But the only time you (yes you!) get see us or hear from us is in final presentations! We are very proud of all our work, but we think we do some other cool stuff that is also wort

h sharing.

So, we decided to launch a blog! This blog will feature updates on firm activities, accomplishments, and information. Our audience whoever ends up here! Whether it's our clients who would like to see how we work as a firm, prospective clients who want to get to know us a little bit better, or BRC alumni who are nostalgic for those days at Cornell, our content is meant to provide some more color to the firm.

So come back every so often, and see all the great things we've been up to!

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